Destiny Update from MoreConsole (via YouTube)

More Console breaks down weekly updates from the Bungie Community. This week’s update is great because it gives a GREAT introduction to the world/setting of the game. If video games are not you’re cup of tea, skip to the setting and world setup (@ 6:45) for a Master Class in World Building 101.

I usually do a “introductory draft” (just for me) that does EXACTLY what this introduction to Destiny does. I have two (unannounced) projects: Deep Blue and PSIber where I’ve done this type of world building. I hope that during the summer, I can revive those projects in different forms based on seeing that I was on the right track with World Building.

Destiny is now probably my most awaited SF/Fantasy project now that I’ve read Words of Radiance. I’ll also try to upload the E3 2013 video that shows gameplay for those who are interested. Again, if you aren’t interested in video games, this post might seem a little odd, but if things come together like I hope, then Destiny could be a major Science Fiction universe that resonates through multiple media spaces.