Hi All!

This post is going to be a miscellany (hence the title) of various topics that I have been meaning to blog about in the past weeks.  Each will be short (just a paragraph long) so consider this a short burst with a lot of information.  Hopefully, this will tide you over until the next blog post, which leads nicely into the next topic–

Schedule: Now that summer is almost upon us (the unofficial start to summer in the U.S. anyway), I’m going to try to be more regular with the blog.  My goal is every Sunday and Wednesday.  These were my off days at my previous job before I started teaching and I just seem to be more alert and disciplined toward writing on these days (for the most part).  So it seems like a natural fit to start to try a regular schedule using those days.  Even though school technically has one more week to go, I’m going to kick off my “regular” blog schedule today (Sunday) and see how it goes.  One warning: grades will probably be due this week.  My blog schedule depends on me staying current with grading.  If I get behind in grading, then I may miss a day (Wed.) to get grades done and finished for the school year.

Citizen X Update: So, I’m almost finished with the “Working Draft” of Citizen X.  I am on Scene 5 of 5.  I’m hopeful that by the next blog post (or next update, whichever comes first), I’ll be able to let you know that I’ve finished.  I’m just trying to keep my nose to the grindstone, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel for this story.

I, Magi Update: While working on Citizen X, I actually started the rough draft of another story (fantasy) called I, Magi. It is a short-story, but I haven’t decided if that is the next story I will work on or not.  I don’t usually start a story until I finish one, so this one is a bit of an aberration.  I also don’t decide on which story I’m going to work on until I’ve finished the story I’m writing, so that is why I’m unsure of whether I’ll begin on I, Magi, or work on something else.  Stay tuned–whatever I decide to work on next will get announced here.

First Novel: Okay, deep breath time: I’m going to seriously attempt my first novel this summer.  I had a “Pixar moment” where I came up with three (3!) book ideas at once.  I roughed out the 1st book, and I’m in the middle of roughing out the 2nd one, and will begin the 3rd up hopefully at the end of this week.  I’m planning on deciding which of the three novels to start shortly after school is officially out for the summer.  Two of the projects are Sci-Fi and the third is Fantasy.  As I write this, I’m leaning on going Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Sci-Fi in terms of what to write, but I’ve not really made a decision and I reserve the right to change at any time.


Fae Cover Reveal: I decided not to participate in the cover reveal for Fae (officially) because of the fact that I couldn’t be sure I’d have time to be online much this week since it is the last week of school.  Better, I thought, to keep my options open.  The cover reveal will happen this week.  Should I have time, I will definitely post here a picture of the image and any other information that I can find.  If I can’t post, then please follow the World Weaver Press link this week to find out the great cover that WWP has for this book.  I’m very excited!

A Dog: In non-writing news, I’m planning on adopting a dog this summer.  I’d planned to adopt one last summer, but before I found one, I started teaching.  I knew teaching would be an adjustment and I did not want to add too much at once, so I held off.  Now, however, I think this would be the perfect time to find a pet to adopt as I will have two full months to train a dog before school starts again.  My last pet was a shelter dog and that’s where I’m starting my search, but I will branch out, if necessary.  I’ll post pics here if I can find a new BFF this summer.

I have more, but I’ll save them for the next time (hopefully, this Wednesday, but will see).  Check back!