So, Schedule . . .

. . .  And this is why I try not to predict how long things will take.  My goal was to update the blog on Wednesdays and Sundays, but this just isn’t going to work (for now).  I’ll try smaller updates mostly daily and see if this works better.  So, without further ado: So, thanks to my story being published in Fae, I’ve now become a Goodreads “author.”  I’m not a very active social media person, but I’ve ALWAYS gravitiated  to any place that has books or sites that make books their primary focus.   As such, I’m trying to learn my way around the Goodreads site and familiarize myself with all that I can do there.  I’m adding more and more of my collection to the site, writing reviews, and rating books.  I’ve even discovered that I can add my writing there.  Unfortunately, putting new writing there would constitute publication, so you’ll probably see things that I’ve previously published go up on that site, but it’ll probably go there first before it goes up here on the blog.  Their editor is a lot easier to use for uploading stories.  I would highly encourage BEGINNING writers to check out that feature, but remember: once you post it for EVERYONE to see, you’ve used up your First Publication Rights.  From there, you can only sell Second Publication Rights (Reprints) and those typically earn you less money and there are fewer places to market reprints.  I also encourage anyone interested in books to come, look around, and see what’s available.  While you’re there, come take a look at my author’s page:

Like this blog, it is a work in progress, but I’ll be adding on to it over the coming months.  Hope you like!