I finished Crown of Renewal over the weekend.  I liked it and gave it 4 (of 5) stars.

Here is the text of the review that I wrote for the Amazon.com Kindle page & Goodreads.com

Having read the entire series, I found this book to be a solid conclusion to the series. I started the series reading in hardcover and finished it via electronic editions. I liked the entire arc of the series and felt like most of the major characters got their time on-stage. I probably would not characterize this book as a good first book in the series (obviously, as it is the conclusion), but the sheer number of characters and their relationships to one another are something that the author (rightly) assumes that you’ve already read and understand based on the previous novels in the series. For that reason alone, if the description of the book’s contents intrigues you in any way, I can’t emphasize strongly enough that you should seek out Volume 1 and then work your way to this book. I enjoy Elizabeth Moon’s writing style and felt that this book is comparable to the others in the series, and more importantly, leaves a couple of the main characters in positions where they could explored further down the road should she choose to visit the world again in a new series. There could have been a little more action–the resolution, while not lacking conflict, is much more on the cerebral side. Some may find the story dull in places, but to me (and I like action) I found that the more subdued finale fit in with the overall tone of the series as a whole.