Friday Night Trailers – Dead Island 2

So, I’ve been away from the blog for a while.  Sorry.  There are reasons, but they are too long and boring to talk about.  

I’ve decided to start something new.  I like routines, so I decided that I’d pick some things that I like and build posts around those themes.  My first theme is: Friday Night Trailers (a play on Friday Night Lights).  Every Friday, I’ll post a link to a trailer that I really like.  The trailer can be movies, video games, TV, or some media of some kind.  

This week’s Friday Night Trailer is for an upcoming video game called Dead Island 2.  I loved this trailer!  I don’t like zombie games, but the trailer is great!  The humor is dark and macabre.  I don’t always like this type of humor, but the way it plays out shows great creativity.  It doesn’t hurt that the song is catchy too! 🙂  Full Disclosure: I liked the song so much that I purchased it from iTunes.  

Take a look–but don’t blame me if that song gets stuck in your head!  😉