Snow Day

Rare snow day here in the The South (USA), so I took the time to read, something I rarely get to do these days.

So I finished a comic book on my backlog-Star Wars 01 (2015) Marvel Comics. The story features the original characters (Luke, Leah, Han & the rest) and is set between Star Wars: A New Hope & The Empire Strikes Back.

I wrote a short review at I’ve quoted here as well:

As a “child” of Star Wars (Star Wars, Empire, and Return of the Jedi were my “Harry Potter” & “Hunger Games”), I always view new interpretations with both excitement and trepidation. Excitement, to see my favorite characters in new stories and trepidation, hoping that the creators don’t mess it up and get it wrong. The new Star Wars comic by Marvel has been getting good reviews, so I took a chance and bought issue 1 via Amazon. Well, so far, these creators got it RIGHT!

The characters act and sound just like they should. The story setting is interesting and the story itself has that original Star Wars feel (not that slightly nebulous and incongruous feel of the prequel trilogy.) I’ve ordered issue 2 and if it is good then I think that I’m going to try follow it regularly.

I know I’m high on my score (most are giving 4 stars), but I’m really pleased with it. Now, 1 issue does not make (or break) a series, but (just like the upcoming 2015 movie The Force Awakens) I am cautiously optimistic about Star Wars’ future in the near term. The Force is Strong with this one.