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Well, it’s been a long, hard, road (much longer than it should have been–more on that a little later), but I finally FINISHED my short-story entitled, HAWKEMOON!  It needs a little more revision before I’m ready to send it out to markets, but the hard work of creation is done–now it is all about refinement and evolution.  In college, I took a Creative Non-Fiction course where we wrote an “Author’s Note” about the creative influences, hopes, and goals for our work after we finished a draft (sort of like a “Postmortem” from video games, TV, and Movies).  In the same spirit, that’s what this blog entry is about.  So without further ado:

HawkeMoon started out as a concept that I had in response to a Call for Submissions for two anthologies that Rhonda Parrish (the Editor of Fae who bought my story, “Faerie Knight”) was doing last year.  The anthologies, Corvidae and Scarecrow were to have stories of Corvids (birds like crows, ravens, etc.) and Scarecrows in them.

The story came together from a note that I’d made to myself about a “Hawk King and Raven Queen.”  I was going to use this idea to submit to her anthologies.  Originally, the story was to be two linked stories–one dealing with the two main characters, the Hawk King and the Raven Queen.  In the second story, those two characters were going to have to deal with an on-coming evil, a darkness consisting of a King of the Scarecrows.

Then, school started.  To say this year has been more challenging than last would be an understatement.  I was not able to get any traction on the story at all.  I tried one aborted attempt at it fairly close to the submission deadline, but the tone and the characters were all wrong.  In the draft that didn’t work, I’d made them brother and sister, but those two had a banter and playfulness that didn’t match the grimmer story that I had in my head (FULL DISCLOSURE: I actually liked those two and may reuse them in another story at a later date, but they just didn’t work for this one).  In my head, these two didn’t know each other and had to discover more about the other.

So the project went on ice and seemed destined not to get written in the way I wanted.  That was until the 1st expansion for Destiny came out–The Dark Below.  In it, their main character was an agent who had infiltrated the Hive named Eris Morn.  She had three items in her inventory that players could work for called: Predawne, Middaye, and Sunsetting.

BOOM!  Somehow, my mind clicked and the story came together.  It would take place in one day.  Predawne would be the beginning and focus on the Hawke, Middaye would focus on Moon, and in Sunsetting, they would have to find a way to stop an evil or die a horrible death.  I even added an epilogue of sorts called Morn to finish out the “day.”

So, I’ve been writing it since about the last of December/first of January.  I was on track for my normal 3-4 months writing cycle when I heard an episode of about making a living as a writer on the Wisconsin Public Radio show “To the Best of Our Knowledge.” I’ll have a LOT more to say about that episode in another blog post, but in it, it talked about ways of making it a full time writer.  I realized that I’m taking too long for short-stories based on their rate of return.  So I challenged myself a goal of a short-story a month (writing on weekends).  I normally write about 4-5 scenes in the story and if I can write a scene or two a weekend, I can do it.  So I challenged myself to finish HawkeMoon by the end of Feb.  and I finished it Feb. 28.


The title is an amalgamation of the two characters names Hawke and Moon joined together.  It is also a play on a powerful hand cannon found in the game Destiny (Hawkmoon) that I’ve yet to acquire (gun drops in that game are mostly random and while I’ve been lucky with other rare items, I’ve not manage to acquire this one, so the title is also a bit ironic as well.)  🙂

I’ve already picked out a market that I want to send HawkeMoon to first.  As the deadline for Far Orbit is at the end of this month (3/31), chances are good that I’m going to let HawkeMoon lie fallow for the month and pick it up for revision with (hopefully) fresh eyes in April.  With any luck, I’ll send it out to its 1st market by Tax Day (April 15), but you never know.

So that is a little peek behind the creation of my story HawkeMoon.

ROUTER UPDATE–Router stable, wifi unstable (up Friday & most of Sat., down today–Sunday)
STORY UPDATE–HawkeMoon FINISHED! (yay!).  Upcoming–Rocket-Man revision for submission to Far Orbit Anthology Call for Submissions.

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