Currently (Re) Reading: The Malloreon by David Eddings

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I’m currently re-reading the Malloreon by David Eddings.  I prefer the Belgariad by him, but I read that last semester.  I really enjoy this series–I think it is because of the banter between the characters.

My family had banter (although not to this degree) when I was growing up–and devices like puns, quoting from movies,  etc., was highly prized and rewarded.  Being able to be mentally adroit and using advanced wordplay to cause laughter and humor was something that our family did really well.  This is the closest book in the fantasy genre that seems to truly encapsulate the “Star Wars” (original trilogy) for me as a reader.  It seems as though I’m chuckling at a clever turn of a phrase or the many uses of sarcasm and irony (including dramatic irony) on every other page.

I reread all of my favorite novels (even more so since rise of the “Grim Dark” writers of fantasy like George RR Martin–don’t get me wrong–not hating on the author, just the whole nasty people doing nasty things to one another doesn’t appeal to me NO MATTER the genre).  This series is one that I have pulled out and reread yearly for the past 5 years straight.   I sometimes reread the TAMULI series (also by Eddings), but mostly its the BELGARIAD and MALLOREON.  I wish more authors would write in this mode, but I guess it is passe’ now.

I can’t WAIT for the whole “Grim Dark” trend to go away so that more books like this can be published.

Sigh.  I really could use some more banter (read: laughter) in my life right now.