Ugh!  Wi-Fi, Writing & the Limits of Technology 

So, last week I shared with you that Apple released an iOS update that I thought would fix my Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Well it worked for most of the week until last night. Last night as I was working on section number two of Project  Roland, my wi-fi decided to disappear and it has not reappeared as of my writing this blog post right now.

Luckily, I had mostly finished the part of the section that I was working on, but last night I was really in the groove.  I feel that I might have finished the entire section although it would’ve cost me several hours of sleep.

This blog post is being written on my iPhone you seeing my cell network and voice dictation.  It is not my preferred way to work, but at least technology allows you to have other options should your primary option on the street not work the way you need it to.

I do hope that Apple gets its iOS and network problems sorted soon.  Even though I am using a workaround, it is very different and difficult to create a blog post where as normally it is much easier and doesn’t require nearly as much effort.  I cannot imagine trying to work on project Roland portly using this method, let alone trying to write a long form work this way.  

For those who are wondering, I’ve been to several Apple support the red’s in the past. I am going to paste in a post from one of these threads that illustrates what I am currently facing: I had no trouble with wifi connections until I installed 8.3  Now I keep losing the wifi connection on my ipad2 . . .  I have tried the reset network connections, it really didn’t help, the wifi connection is intermittent.  Works for a while then drops out, nothing I can do to get it back but wait and wait and wait, then like magic, it comes back, but who knows for how long.  Please, Apple, fix this!!!  This is from a user named JaneSCA56 and Her post describes exactly what I am going through.  For those who want to follow this thread to find out when or if my issues will be fixed I have hopefully linked the thread to that message so all you need to do is click on the message to follow the thread  (as I will be doing).

To tie this back to technology, I think we need more stories about how technology doesn’t work or works only intermittently and heroes and protagonists must find ways to either work around the problem or or where they must find new and different ways to solve a problem even when technology doesn’t work as intended. I think that as I go forward I will try to add in more stories with these  themes.