Project: Skin Deep 2.0 (Rewrite)


Just a quick post – the new school year essentially starts for me this week (with training, team building, and classroom set-up), so my 2015-2016 writing “season” has also officially commenced.

I am currently rewriting a story that I finished last year, but never submitted anywhere called Skin Deep.  It is a sci-fi story, but I wasn’t entirely pleased with it.  It didn’t quite match the vision in my head and I didn’t feel that it was good enough to start submitting without a rewrite.

In September, Rhonda Parrish plans to open up submissions for a new anthology (tentatively) called Sirens. I’m rewriting SD in hopes of submitting it to the anthology.

As I’m rewriting, I realize that I missed the element of setting.  The story operates in a bland, vanilla sci-fi setting.  I’m changing that to a specific time and place: Jamaica 2086.  I’ve known two people who are from Jamaica and they’ve told me quite a bit about the island.  I’m going to try to extrapolate what I know and add in technology that I think would be consistent for 2086 and see what happens.  The plot will stay the same (except where setting affects it) and the character has undergone minor alterations (her name has changed and at least 1 motivation she has for the story has changed as well).  I’ll write an Author’s Note on this story talking about it in more depth when I finish it.

Here’s hoping I have both a happy and healthy school year and a successful writing “season.”  Cheers!


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