Author’s Note: Skin Deep 2.0 (Rewrite)


I finally finished Skin Deep’s rewrite this morning, so I wanted to take a moment and do an Author’s Note on this project, so here goes:


I finished the original draft of Skin Deep a while ago, but never submitted it because I thought that the character wasn’t as strong as she could have been (she had a generic name) and that the story’s setting was totally generic.

As I mentioned when I started the revision, I know of two people who are from Jamaica and they had told me about the island in conversation.  One thing that I took from what they said about the island is that there is almost a “small town” vibe to it in that most people on the island know what is happening in their neighbors’ lives.  While they may not know everything that’s going on, they would know more than a typical big city community might.  They know where the good parts of the island’s towns are and where the bad spots are and so forth.

I wanted to set the story here for this reason.  I moved it to 2086 to explain the advanced science in the story.  I changed the protagonist’s name and expanded the story so that it made more sense.  It grew from 3,500 words to 4,000 words and seems to be a stronger story.

I will start submitting it next week when I send it for submission to Rhonda Parrish’s Magical Menagerie series: Sirens.  I’m not sure that it has a chance as she’s looking for Fantasy stories and this is sci-fi, but it does seem to fit her guidelines, so I plan to try anyway.  I intend to spend the next week polishing it and making sure that it is as good as it can be before I submit it to Rhonda Parrish.  Wish me luck! 😄

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