Apologies for not posting for the most of September, but as you can probably tell by the image above, I’ve been under the weather for most of the month.  I started to feel ill the Saturday before Labor Day and I finally got over whatever I had only to get hit by some sort of sinus infection.  Essentially, I’ve been either sick or recovering from being sick for the past 3 weeks.

Writing while sick is a drag.  I kept thinking about writing this post to give an update, but I was so listless from both the illness and the medicines that the post never got written.

One good goal is that I was forced to get a LOT of rest.  So even though I haven’t done much writing this month, I’ve done a lot of thinking about writing (aka “Brainstorming”), so hopefully, as I try to transition back into my normal routine, I can write more and be more focused during my (limited) writing time.

traffic light

Sometimes life puts out stop signs and in this case, this was a pretty big one.  Teaching is stressful, writing (which should be fun) is also stressful, trying to reorder my time so that I can start filling out Applications for PhD programs is stressful.  Trying to get everything done that school and life demand from me is stressful.  I think this is my body’s way of saying, “hey, you’re doing it wrong.”

So, I will try to “destress” as much of my life as possible.  Still going to apply to PhD programs, still going to try to study for the GRE, still going try to write, still going to grade papers and do lesson plans, but I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time on “homework” (by getting up an hour early and going to bed an hour later among other things) and my body is having none of it.


I was able to complete the 1st section of the story before I fell ill.  Since I’m only doing 3 sections, the story is 33.33 percent complete 🙂 .  I managed to rough draft the other 2 sections while sick, so I just need to sit down and write them (Tues. & Thurs. for the next 2 weeks if I don’t get sick again).  I know the setting, I know the plot, I know the emotions–now I just have to do the hard part and get it all down on paper.  Wish me luck (& good health!)  If I can stay well, I’ll have an update next week!


New Month, New Project

Coming Soon

It’s a new month and so far I’m still on track with my writing goals (yay!).  So I’ll be starting a new short-story this month.  It is a Fantasy story set in a made up secondary world based on the time period of the “Conquistadors.”

I think I have a title for it, but for now I’m calling it “Project Monster.”  It is an entirely new story inspired by a book that is on my Goodreads Currently Reading Shelf: The Men-At-Arms Series #101: The Conquistadores by Terence Wise and Angus McBride.


I’ve already done the “rough outline” for it and will begin the “rough draft” after I submit Skin Deep.  I have the theme, characters and plot fleshed out in my mind, so I’m hopeful that the creation of the story will be strong.

New Story, New Style

I’m noticing a new trend.  It is much harder to sell longer stories.  Many sites have a firm word limit and these word limits tend to be shrinking.  I know of at least 3 markets that will not take stories over 3,000 words long.  For me, 2,500 words is about the bare limit that I can do.  About half of the markets are about 5,000 words firm and then the other half let you go up to 7,500.  I can only think of a few that will allow 10,000 words or more (and they are very slow responding markets, some take as much 9-10 months to respond).

I normally write stories in 5 scenes (kinda’ like a 5 act play).  With “Project Monster,” I’m going to shorten my scenes to 3 (beginning, middle, end).  I don’t intend to be locked into this; I’ll let the story dictate the ultimate form of the story, but “Project Monster” definitely lends itself to this form.  I want to experiment to see what the word count is on this story because if it is under 4,000 – 5,000 words, I may find myself gravitating to projects that lend themselves to 3 parts to maximize my chances of selling them to markets.