Nulla Dies Sine Linea (No Day Without a Line)



It’s summertime and school is out!  As I write this, it is Memorial Day, an American Holiday to remember those who have served (or are serving) in the military and who have been willing to sacrifice themselves in defense of the nation!  Go Troops!

It is also the “unofficial” start to summer in the U.S. and for most teachers, it means that school is out until the fall and that the next 2-3 months are our own.  Usually, that means housework/yard work that we have put off during the spring months to concentrate on finishing off the school year strongly.  While I have my share of yard work and housework to do, I also have decided that summer should be a time to recharge/refocus my writing.

To that end, I’m going to follow the latin line: Nulla Dies Sine Linea (“No Day without a Line”).  Everyday, I’m going to write something.  A paragraph for “Project Light,” or plan out a chapter for “Project Librarian,” or something similar.

Now that I know that my writing will fail without proper planning, why not use the time time that I’ve been blessed with during the summer to make sure that I get the ideas, plots, characters and projects down on paper (in the computer, tablet, or notes) and make sure that I have plan for everything that I want to work on during the upcoming Fall.


To that end, I’ve broken out my old standbys: unlined postcards.  I used to use these in graduate school for jotting down/taking notes for some of the more esoteric philosophies of various rhetoricians and tracking the arguments of various orators.

They’ve also served me well when I wanted to work out the basics of a plot outdoors (I don’t live in a neighborhood that’s conducive to showing off your possessions.)  Postcards are extremely portable and as long as I have a writing instrument, I can jot down notes/ideas as they come to me (something that I’ve been using my phone/tablet to do lately).

I’ve jotted down a character idea that’s been floating in my head for most of May and on the back, hopefully a story idea (aka plot) will present itself.  If so, I’ll jot it down along with a quick rough draft of the story and then move on to the next idea.  If I can consistently do this for the next 2.5 months before school begins, I should have an outline of quite a few short projects and a COMPLETE outline for a few longer projects.  So far, I’m batting 1 for 1 as I’ve already completed my postcard for today (Yay me!)


So, when I was looking for an image to illustrate my title, I stumbled across this spaceship image that I found pretty intriguing.  I decided to investigate and discovered that the image came from the website of an artist.  While it looks like he mostly does contemporary art, there are some genre pieces in his Portfolio.

The artist’s name Maurizio Barabani.  I’m linking to his Website/Porfolio Page, his Facebook Page, his Blog, and his ArtStation Page.  It looks like he’s Italian.  Man, looking at some of his genre work makes me wish that I could speak Italian.  It would be awesome to work with him on a Graphic Novel of some sort.  Anyway, give him a look and perhaps a “Like” on his Facebook page.  He’s doing some awesome work!