Not Happy with AMC at the Moment


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So, this blog catches me on “travel” day, so it will be a bit shorter than normal.  Right now, I’m not to pleased with the local AMC Imax theater in my area.  Blog readers will know that I did a post earlier this summer that talks about AMC buying out my local Carmike theater, raising prices, and eliminating size options at the concession stand.

This last night, while looking at the movie showtimes for Spider-Man Homecoming (SP:H), I discovered that the AMC 18 (in my area) is NOT offering Imax 3D showings for Matinee times.  Starting today, through the rest of the week, you can only see SP:H at the 7:15pm and 10:15pm showings.  If you want to see the movie during a matinee showing, you only have the option (at my local AMC 18 theater) to see it either in Real 3D or Imax 2D.

What are they thinking?  While this seems like a local management move (probably to improve revenue as theaters generally charge more for evening showings) rather than a corporate move, this is still a move that handcuffs those of us who are not interested in seeing the movie during the evening by limiting us to less than optimal showings of the movie.  Real 3D tends to be much darker than the brighter Imax and while 3D is sometimes not worth the extra money, for a special effects driven movie like Spider-Man, this time I feel 3D will be worth extra money, but thanks again to short-sided choices, that is something that is out of my hands.

I do have options, however.  Thanks to a comment from a reader on the blog (thanks libraryladydella!), I do know of a cheaper alternative that I will investigate later this summer.  For now, I’ve decided to probably try the Majestic (formerly, the Bijou).

The Majestic does seem to have SP:H in Imax 3D during matinee times, so this looks like the best option for right now.  The irony is I stopped going there some years ago because they didn’t hold a movie in theaters long enough (Peter Jackson’s King Kong), while the Carmike theater (the one bought out by AMC) did have it and had a better projection system.  It looks like with SP:H, I’ll be returning to see what the Majestic’s renovated theater looks like.

The local AMC theater in my area should be very worried as there is a chance they are going to lose me as a customer thanks to a incredibly poor choice of Imax 3D showtimes for such a high profile movie.

UPDATE: Looks like I was wrong about the Majestic theater having a Imax 3D screen.  I seems that they do not; it looks like the only Imax 3D screen (outside of the Chattanooga Aquarium’s screen) in the local area is AMC East Ridge 18.  So it looks like my only choice this weekend is: Imax 3D at 7:15pm and 10:15pm or Imax 2D at 4:15pm.  Grrr.  As it stands now, it looks like at the moment I won’t get to see Spider-Man: Homecoming this weekend.  Now I’m really not happy with AMC.

Time to catch up on the Tour De France, do some yard work, and start reading for my summer class that starts on Tuesday.

Bleh, some companies, in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar–really know how to take all the fun out of summer.


3 thoughts on “Not Happy with AMC at the Moment

  1. 11centsawish says:

    You made me curious so I went to check our AMC (I miss Carmike) 3D times. 3:30 and 7:30. I’ve seen very few 3D movies that have been worth it I usually forget there are good ones. You do think that they would have better time choices.
    Looking forward to seeing the movie one way or the other.

    • Good comment! Yeah, in my experience (& born out by other people’s opinions online), Direct 3D tends to be much _darker_ than regular 2D or Imax 3D. Filmmakers don’t usually boost the brightness of the film to compensate for the 3D glass, so everything tends to muddier and harder to see (again, in my experience). Imax is so much brighter that it (mostly) negates this effect. I’ve learned the hard way, the best ways to see a movie (for the best experience) is 1) Imax 3D (when available), then 2) Imax 2D, then 3) regular 2D and then 4) Direct 3D (only as a last resort). And supposedly, a good portion of the movie takes place at night, so I’m really hesitant to see Homecoming in anything other than Imax 3D or Imax 2D, even with the upcharge as I think it is worth it for the best moviegoing experience out there at the moment.

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