Perfect is the Enemy of Good

So, I missed a blog entry yesterday, and I’m extremely late with this one.  Sorry about that, but I’m in the midst of grading and working on assignments for school.

One thing that I have to really work on for next semester is my ability to actively plan and execute my projects, be they academic, professional, writing, or personal.  I feel like that I have a lot of projects on the “fire,” but like a poor chef, I’m not really all that good with managing and prioritizing what needs to get done.  The net result are days like today, with wasted productivity and me in mental anguish about all the things that need to get done, instead of actually doing those things.

My goal, I guess, needs to be not worrying so much about making something “perfect,” but rather on completing it and making it at least good in the sense that is finished and then I can use revision as necessary to make it perfect.  The stress that I feel from trying to make something perfect could be better utilized to actually finishing the piece (whatever it may be) and gaining satisfaction in that way.

Well, I’ve defined the problem and proposed a possible solution.  Now all that remains is to execute the strategy and see how works in action in the real world.  So, while NaNoWriMo was a complete bust for me and I’m slowly sinking under weight of grading and assignments, I need focus on completing one task at a time and the rest will take care of itself.  And that’s why you’re getting this blog post–even as ridiculously late as it is–because I’m trying to complete one task after another today with hopes that I will be successful at, if not eliminating, at least minimizing the mountain of assignments and tasks that have accumulated over the past weeks.  Wish me luck!