Back on the Mend

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Getting Better

This post will be a shorter one to basically let you all know that I’m feeling better and will resume my normal blogging schedule (hopefully).  I had some sort of Sinus Infection last week that came with all of the usual sinus infection symptoms (google sinus infection for a fairly exhaustive list of issues that I was dealing with last week).  I felt not my usual self on Sunday afternoon, but it wasn’t until Sunday night that I actually felt the first signs of a sore throat.  From there, the sore throat intensified, and the symptoms progressed until they were pretty much unbearable.

Blogging While Sick

I had already written the blog entry What’s on My Bookshelf earlier that weekend. WordPress has a nifty feature (YouTube has it as well) that allows you to “pre-write” a blog entry (or in YouTube’s case, pre-record/pre-upload a video) and set the time/date you want it to go active.  However, I felt so bad last week, that I couldn’t manage another major blog entry at all.  Even writing the short “update” talking about my illness was done on the WordPress app on my phone–something I hate using because I’m not a “thumb-typist” and typing on a phone (for me) is a slow, laborious process compared simply typing on my laptop.  Long story short, blogging and pretty much everything else, came to a halt last week.  The upshot is that I feel better this week and I plan to utilize WordPress’s prewriting/preloading feature more so that (hopefully) the next time I’m sick, I’ll already have several blog entries scheduled and ready to upload automatically.  So, while I’m not truly back to 100%, I’m at least back to writing and blogging on regular basis.  Huzzah!



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