Writing Inside vs Outside

Summertime and the Living is Easy

So, over the week I’ve started to think not just about my writing projects, but also about the most effect and efficient way of writing.  Its more about experimentation than anything else at this point, but I’ve had a chance to do both over the week while waiting on my car (which, by the way, I got back and it seems to work now *crosses fingers*).  So this post is to just discuss some of the things that I’ve noticed and some of the preferences that I (as a unique individual seem to like).

  • Project Paradise Word Count: 113
  • Project Sky Word Count: 485
  • Project Independence Word Count: 1088

Inside Writing

So,  I had the opportunity on Sunday night to do some writing.  I rearranged my writing “set-up,” put on some music, and wrote for approximately two hours, just bopping away to the music.  It was really invigorating.  I set up the area so that I could look out the window.  Even though I was super productive, a part of me still wanted to be outside, in the fairly warm air before it got really dark/chilly, but I didn’t and stayed indoors and just wrote until bedtime.  However, I promised myself that I would try to write outside some time this week like I used to do.

Outside Writing

Yesterday, I got a chance to try my hand at writing outside and it was as glorious as I remember.  My laptop is both old and underpowered (now), but when I originally bought it, I envisioned using it to take out on the deck and writing in the early evenings.  The problem is, I don’t really live in a neighborhood that is conducive to “showing off” a large, bulky, Apple (i.e., expensive) laptop while on my deck at night, no matter how “noble” my intentions.  Also, because my laptop is one of the 15 inch Macbook Pros, it isn’t exactly “portable” either, so I’ve not really used it in the manner that I’d envisioned. However, yesterday, when I went out, I found a place outdoors with outside outlets, but they didn’t work as the computer didn’t charge and I had only about 30 mins of battery time.

Even though it was only 30 mins., I was still able to get 113 words done on Project Paradise in that short time.  And it felt good to be outside, writing in warmth of the sun with a slight breeze blowing on me.

Even though I’m now back to being a poor student, I’m going to try to squirrel away money this summer for a Chromebook.  I had one when I was a 6th grade language arts teacher.  While I much prefer Apple’s Macbook Pros, I can’t deny the portability and long battery life of them, which would be perfect for outdoor writing.  I could just throw it in my bag and go, and write anywhere.


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