Who Owns Fandom?

Fans dressed as characters from the Harry Potter Characters. From The Associated Press.  Image Source: https://apnews.com/77daf58afa7f4bf2a45f93a93a59cdc8

Word Count (What I’m Writing); Updated every 2-3 Days (mostly)

  • 1st Draft – “Project Dog”
    Goal: 2500 Words
    Current: @500 words (+250 Words)
    I’ve written on it for two days and I’ve managed to get about 500 words written (I’ve hit my 250 word goal both days)!
  • Whale Song Revision (Fantasy Short Story) (2nd Draft)
    (Researched an article on Whaling, think that I have the two characters–a brother and a sister who are on the opposite sides of the issue.  Still, no Writing so far). Need to find a place to work in revisions–I can draft new material just fine, but I don’t seem to have any time to work on “drafting” revisions.

Currently Reading (What I’m Reading); Updated Weekly (mostly)

  • For Fun:
    Transhuman edited by Mark L. Van Name and T. F. K. Weisskopf
    Just started this anthology – it was given to me at a LibertyCon some years ago, but I’ve just now gotten around to reading it. I may not finish it/read all the stories, but so far, I’ve read the first story and liked it.
    The Belgariad David Eddings
    Last week was NOT a good week, so I needed some “comfort food” for reading and my go to book for “comfort food” is the Belgariad (followed closely by Diane Duane’s So You Want To Be a Wizard.)
  • For School:
    Afrofuturism (by Ytasha Womack): This book describes the academic genre of Afrofuturism (essentially African American Science Fiction that deals with social issues in culture).  I just finished Chapter 5 today and I’m at the beginning of Chapter 6 (this book has 10 chapters).
    Wrote out a fairly extensive list of possible research topics to explore from chapter 5. Really intriguing book.
  • For Research/Personal Development:
    Great Aircraft of WWII by Alfred Price and Mike Spick (for Project Skye)
    Great Aircraft of WWII is a book that I’ve had in my collection for sometime–I’ve glanced at it periodically, but never read it cover-to-cover.  Now, with Project Skye, I intend to do just that.

Warner Brothers (& Corporations) Want ALL the Moneyz

So, those who work in corporations might want to cover their ears (eyes?) for this particular blog entry because I’m going to take you to task for some of your less than savory practices. Yes, we live in a capitalistic society. Yes, content/copyright holders should make money from their content. No, others should not be allowed to profit from works that they themselves did not create. BUT . . . and this is a “big” BUT (hence the capital letters), there is a point where you can go too far, and I’m sorry, but Warner Brothers has crossed the line. What am I talking about? Well, it seems that Warner Brothers is taking a dim view of Harry Potter “Festivals” that are taking place across the country according to an Associated Press Story from June of this year: https://apnews.com/77daf58afa7f4bf2a45f93a93a59cdc8.

Warner Brothers HATES “Fandom,” BUT They Do LOVE their Fans MONEY!

Give me money to see my movies. Give me money to read my books. Give me money to buy my merchandising. NO, you may not use our characters if there’s even a chance YOU might make a profit from them, even if it is 1) for a good cause, 2) for fun, 3) not intended as a primarily-for profit enterprise. Warner Brothers wants to create a “fandom” in order to have a built in audience (consumer base) for their “franchise” (books, movies, merchandising, etc.), but they’re unwilling to let their fans express their creativity through (specifically) these festivals where they get to dress up as and “role-play” as their favorite characters from the series. Yes, as an author, I’m fairly protective of my work, so I understand wanting to “control” your creations. But at some point, you “have” to let go and allow your fans to “inhabit” your world and your characters.

Money, Money, Money . . . MONEY!

So, the above heading is the line from a song.  And this is the problem–corporations exist to make a profit . . . but here’s the thing: there’s no such thing as an APPROPRIATE amount of profit. It’s make as much money AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Unlike small businesses, where you need to build relationships and build trust with your clients, a corporation doesn’t need to do this. In fact, the entire Investor dynamic, encourages a “slash and burn” approach, slashing and burning the property/properties they own (or acquire) to make as much money as they can in as short of time period as they can. Where a small business is focused on growth and not extending their lines too quickly so as not to sink into a never-ending spiral of debt that they can’t recover from, corporations (because of their capitalization) rarely have that problem (their problem generally comes from not being able to assess market changes quickly enough to take advantage–K-Mart vs Walmart, Circuit City vs Amazon, etc.) Activision, unfortunately, has for last 10-15 years followed this “slash and burn” technique and they are rewarded year after by their stockholders but are reviled by gamers–and EA has tried to copy their model year-after-year.

Until corporations learn the lesson that Keanu Reeves’s character quoted in Speed that goes something like this when trying to get the wounded bus driver off the bus: “How about a little humanity?” The line goes on about having plenty of them left to kill. I would change that to: “there’ll still be plenty of MONEY for you to get from us in the future.”

Please corporations (Boards and CEOs alike), stop being Scrooge and wanting ALL THE MONEYZ IN TEH WORLD!

And yes, the misspellings are intention 😉


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