Weekend Gamer–September 30, 2018 Edition

So, I’ll keep these gamer updates on the smaller side as they are some of the least popular posts on the blog.  I’m not really sure why as video games have become as intricate and as narrative-based as any movie or novel.  For me, they represent the “third pillar” of the trifecta of popular culture/entertainment.  Sure, the controller looks complicated and adds a layer of abstraction that many non-gamers find daunting, but truly, many of the abstractions in the video game world exist elsewhere–we just choose to ignore them because they fit our paradigm (dice and playing pieces in board games and role-playing games, complicated rules and exceptions for card-based games). Oh well, to each his or her own–if video games aren’t really to the taste of the mainstream, then I’ll just continue to play them and talk about them, but not evangelize them.

This week, a couple of smaller games went on sale that I’ve desperately been wanting after seeing them profiled on YouTube in various places.  I’ll only talk about them briefly and save a full discussion of them for a full blog post.  Both games are ones that hope will help me with writing projects down the line, so not only do I hope they will be fun, but also inspiring.

Sine More EX

This is an arcade shooter (in the same vein of the old school game DEFENDER) and is one that I hope will help me define the setting of Project Skye a little bit better.  You take the controls of a pilot of a retro-futuristic plane out for revenge.  You blast your way through wildly inventive levels with unique and varied bosses.  I only managed to get through the first level and part of the second so far, but I found it to be a fun romp so far (if a bit serious and heavy-handed in terms of the plot–a WWII analogy with dropping a nuclear bomb on a civilization in an arcade shooter).  Still, this is one I’m playing mostly for the setting inspiration than actually playing for the plot.


Battlechasers: Nightwar

This is a game based on the graphic novel series, Battlechasers which I happened to pick up a local used bookstore.  I really liked the graphic novel and I’ve been a fan of the artist Joe Madureia every since I picked up a random issue of his work on the Uncanny X-Men several years ago by chance.  I’ve been following the development of this game since its announcement and really wanted to get it on its release, but discovered that it would probably be better suited for a sale.  The game has actually gone on sale several times already since its release earlier this year (as recent as about 2-3 weeks ago), but something would always come up and I wouldn’t be able to get a voucher code to add funds in time before the sale went away.  I recently decided that I should just do that every time my balance dropped below a certain amount, and lo and behold it is was back on sale this week, so I snatched it up.  It is a turn-based RPG in the style of the older Final Fantasy games, but so far, I’m really enjoying it.  Playing characters based on a graphic novel that I like really helps, although their voices don’t quite match the vision that I had in my head, but that’s really a small complaint.

Well, again, keeping is short as people don’t really read the gamer updates, that’s all for today.  Have a good one!


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