Working on a Project for School


So, having posted everyday this month, some might have noticed that my posts have been posting later and later in the day.  So sorry about that–for this past week, I’ve either been sick or brainstorming for two projects that I have (one tomorrow, Thurs. 3/22 and the other on Mon, 3/26).  I’ve been working really hard on them, esp. the one for Thursday and I’ve let the blog slid a bit.  Unfortunately, it won’t get appreciably better until at least April where I have a little more “space,” but even then I have an Annotated Bibliography and 2 papers to write (in addition to a Final Exam).  So, in other words, April may be “touch-and-go” as well.  So please, bear with me as school exerts its inexorable hand and causes the blog to a little more “spotty” than normal.  Push comes to shove, I’ll try my best to get a shorter entry (like this one) out as a “update” as to what is happening, but the longer blog entries (like the one I wanted to write on Spoilers which I have outlined and ready to write for today) will just have to wait for a more “convenient” (i.e., less project intensive) time.  Sorry!

Now back to your regularly scheduled program (or in this case, my “break” is over, back to getting that project done for tomorrow’s class).



Back from the 2018 TPA Conference


Tennessee Philological Association Logo, Image Source: Facebook

I’m back from the 2018 Tennessee Philological Conference and I thought it was a great conference!  There were tons of awesome presenters and I was able to present my paper as well and it seemed to go over pretty well, so, I enjoyed it very much!  The conference shifts between east, middle, and west Tennessee (we’re a wide state in the US) and it was in the (I think) the east part of the state.  I’m not sure if I can make it if it is in the western part of the state as that would be a long drive for me, but I would certainly like to do so, if at all possible.

Tennesse Tech Henderson Hall

Tennessee Tech University, Henderson Hall (where the 2018 TPA Conference was held), Image Source: Wikipedia

Tennessee Tech. University

This year, the conference was held at Tennessee Tech University (TTU) in Cookeville, TN and I have to say thanks to the students and administrators.  They were extremely nice–to the student who gave me great landmarks to get to the designated parking lot, to the secretaries for pointing me in the right direction to the conference location on–campus, they were really a nice group of people.


Cookeville, Tennessee, Image Source:

Cookeville was also interesting.  I’d never been before, so it was interesting to see what another college town (Murfreesboro could also be considered a college town) looked like.  It seemed smaller than Murfreesboro, but no less vibrant.  I only got to see a little of it–the campus environs and the apartment complexes close to campus, and the main “strip” of businesses devoted to serving the college students, but it really seemed like a cool place.  The drive wasn’t bad–only about an hour from Murfreesboro.  It was a Thurs evening., Friday, and Saturday morning Conference.  I could only make the Friday events, but I stayed the entire day–including for the reception and banquet Friday evening and had a great time!

Familiar Faces and New

So, I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have–that’s my one main regret.  I was so focused on getting there, listening to the speakers, presenting my own paper, and generally trying to take in the experience, that I realized that I didn’t take nearly enough pictures.  I was, however, able to get pictures with two of my favorite professors from UTC, Dr. Rehyansky and Dr. Shawen (I didn’t get explicit permission, so I won’t put them in the post), but I’m glad that I was able to do that and will be putting those pictures in my photo album.  I met several new people from the conference and hope to see them again next year if I’m able to attend.  All in all, it was a great experience that I hope I’m able to repeat next year! 🙂


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Tennessee Philological Association Conference

So, today’s blog will be fairly short as I am not actually here!  Nice trick that.  I’m actually attending the Tennessee Philological Association Conference today in Cookeville TN today at Tennessee Technical University.  In fact, I’m not only attending it, but I’m also presenting a paper “American Made: Turn of the Century Technological Advances and Edith Wharton’s Fiction” that I wrote for my Edith Wharton class last semester.  Yay, Edith!

I will blog about the experience next week as I have attended a conference before, but that was at Chattanooga–this is the first time I’ve had to travel out of town to a Conference and I don’t mind telling you, I’m a bit nervous and unsure about the whole thing.

Still, I chose this one as it is close–only about an hour away.  It also is has four other people besides myself going whom I know, two from MTSU and two from UTC, so hopefully I can find them and perhaps get my bearings before it is time for me to present my paper.  Anyway, wish me luck–I’m going to need it!  🙂


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I earn a small commission on the purchase of these items.

Update: Time out for Grading and Presentation


Sorry I missed a blog entry yesterday, I had to prepare for a presentation today and also I needed to grade papers.  Unfortunately, the plan is much the same today, so this super-short blog post serves as an update on why I haven’t been posting on a regular basis.  I hope that the blog posts will return to the normal frequency by tomorrow, but if not, I should be back with quite a bit next week.

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t gone anywhere–just trying to survive the end of the school year “crunch.” 🙂