OtherWorlds Top Ten Posts of 2017 (Happy 2018!)

Happy New Year_rukia_us

Sorry this post is late–I caught the flu on Friday and I’ve just now begun to feel better.  I’m still not 100%, but I wanted to make sure that I got this out today (it was supposed to go up New Year’s Eve, but I was just too sick to finish it).  Anyway, here it is!  Happy 2018 everyone!

So people love Top (Insert number) lists, especially at the end of the year.  So this year, I thought I’d get into the act, by going through some of my posts as displayed by WordPress as the ones that viewers to the blog have viewed the most.  Surprisingly, a few of the higher posts are older than 2017, meaning that the topics are either still relevant or popular even after long periods of time.

The overall winner isn’t actually a post, so I’m disqualifying it from the Top Ten List as it is the Home Pages/Archives Section.  It is by far the leader with almost 300 views and I can relate to that–people (myself included) like to browse.  Maybe readers want to see if I’ve done a post for that day, or maybe they like my writing posts, but not my Nostalgia C64 posts, etc.  The point is many people browse the site and that’s fine, but I’m going to try to limit the top ten to specifically those posts that people clicked on in 2017.  So in reverse order:

10. “Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain”
2017 Post.  So this post was written in 2017, in the summer if I remember correctly, and it explains where this expression comes from and how my family used it as a sort of “code” or “shorthand” to basically try your best at all times.  I think it resonated because this world is difficult and sometimes we need a reminder (or at least I do from time to time) to give it your all because you might just be surprised at the results.

9. Player Unknown Battleground
2017 Post.  This was the “little” game that could apparently because even though this was written in the late Summer/early Fall time frame, it still managed to chart in the top ten posts for the year.  This one really reflected the desire of hardcore gamers to read about their favorite game.  PUBG really seemed to strike a cord with the gaming community this year just as Overwatch did in 2016.

8. Not Enough Time
2017 Post. Time (and time management) is hard to do consistently in today’s modern hectic world where everything seems to move at frenetic pace.  Here I tried to blog during breakfast times and that worked–for a while.  The problem became, ironically, time.  It takes time to write my blogs because they aren’t usually as short as this blog was and as such take up much more time than I have even at breakfast, so I had to modify this technique quite a bit to get my blog entries to post on a regular schedule.

7. Black Panther vs. Spider-Man: Learning How to Navigate Social Interactions through Comic Book Trading
2017 Post.  I think the popularity from this one comes more from the Spider-Man Homecoming movie than it does from Black Panther or comic book trading.  I learned a valuable life lesson here which I relate, but coming so closely to the movie, I think people viewed it more for movie/character impressions than for the content of the post itself.  I wonder how this post will do when the Black Panther movie releases in February?

6. The Outline’s the Thing (to Catch a Story) Redux
2017 Post.  So this post is a “sequel” of sorts to a older post that I did on outlines and outlining.  A commentor to the blog noted that he found the entire process of outlining not as useful as just jumping in and writing by the seat on one’s pants.  While I felt that I explained myself well enough at the time, I thought I’d write another post explaining that “real” life doesn’t usually happen by “the seat of one’s pants.”  We plan out what we intend to do (usually) and spontaneity, while useful for keeping one’s life from becoming dull, doesn’t really factor into our day to day lives.  In this post, I simply set forth an argument as to why we should also plan our writing lives and note some of the successful writers who do so.

5.  The Witcher 3 The New (Old) Rhetorics of Grimdark
2016 Post.  Okay, so I’m not really sure why this one is still so popular.  Perhaps it is the game as it was one of the best games to be released last year (2016).  Or it could be because people are interested in the “Grimdark” genre (a genre where “bad things happen to good people”).  Or perhaps it is a combination of both–whatever the reason, this one was very popular even a year out from when it was written.

4. Great Actors in Small Roles: Madelyn Horcher as Sgt. Leach
2017 Post. I’m actually very glad that this one was super popular this year as I think many of the big name stars get both money and recognition, but the smaller players are also integral to the story when they nail their roles.  I started this “Great Actors in Small Roles” to highlight actors who I thought really turned in a stellar performance.  While I’m no casting director or agent, but I’d really like to see these actors in more (and larger) roles.  So far I’ve only done two of them this year, although I probably should have done two for World War Z in 2013 (for two of the actors who played scientists late in that movie) as both performances were well done–both went on to a measure of stardom which I was thrilled to see.  I would love for the same thing to happen to the two talented actors that I’ve mentioned this year (even only one made the Top 10 List this year).

3. Author’s Note: Here Be Monsters
2016 Post. So, I’ve done quite a few Author’s Notes for stories that I’ve finished, but this is the only one that has “charted” in the Top Ten.  This is one of those stories that I think really could  sale and be really unique because of the realism that I put in based on the research that I put into the story.  The setting is unique, so I’m fairly surprised that the story hasn’t sold, but I’ll hold out hope that eventually an editor will recognize its worth and purchase/publish it.  As I type these words, it is currently out to an anthology, so fingers crossed.

2. The Outline’s the Thing to Catch a King (or in this case, to catch a story)
2016 Post. This one might be a bit of a cheat as I assigned it to my class to read after another blogger commented on this post.  We were studying different genres and this blog (& the comment section) is the perfect example of Editorials/Opinions Genre listed in the textbook that we use (The Bedford Book of Genres).  However, even though this gave this post a huge head-start, one can see be the popularity of the sequel post (at entry #6) which I did not assign btw, one can see the discussion of outlining vs. writing by the seat of one’s pants (aka “pantsing”) is really important to the creative writing community.

1. Ranking Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Movies–2017 Edition
2016 Post. By far and away the most clicked on post of 2017 was the ranking that I did of Marvel’s Universe Movies which shows the popularity of Marvel Movies is still going strong.  I have a feeling that this would have been more relevant had not my local theater changed ownership and if I could have seen more of the Marvel movies “on time” as I had been able to in 2016.  As it is, I’m still missing Thor Ragnorak and probably won’t get to see it until the Spring (Easter?), although I’m planning on perhaps seeing Black Panther at the theater (although it might not be my own here in Chattanooga–we’ll see . . .).  I’m also considering seeing the newest Avengers movie as well in the theaters.  People (right now) really love the Marvel movies, but if Disney isn’t careful, they could find themselves with franchise fatigue, but so far they are by far (based on the popularity of the post) still the most popular of the movie franchises.

Well that’s it for my Top Ten of 2017.  With any luck, I’ll be able to a similar post for the top posts of 2018!  Have a great and wonderful new year!