Skin Deep Published in Aurora Wolf!


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Just wanted to let you know that Skin Deep, a short-story that I’ve worked on and detailed on the blog has been published by Aurora Wolf – A Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Please head over to their website, read my story, rate and comment on it and (while you’re there) perhaps, read and comment on other stories that I are listed.  Right now my story is on the from page (with the above image – thanks to Aurora Wolf for letting me use the image!).  There is no cost to read the story, or  in other words, its FREE!

Skin Deep has been very much of a long-term passion project.  It was one of the first stories  I wrote with the intent of getting it published.  The story that is published in the 3rd major draft of the story.  My first draft came in the 90s and I submitted it to several markets found in Writer’s Market & Novel and Short Story Writer’s Market.  I only remember one piece of feedback that I received for it from an editor who thought the Psionics (mind powers) in the story strayed too close to magic for her tastes.

I put it “in the trunk” for a while and then I rewrote it substantially around late 2013 – early 2014.  The basis of the current version came from this rewrite.  I had the plot and most of the character, but something still didn’t feel right about the character and her motivations.  I put it up again (not submitting it significantly) until I revised it mid-2015.

As I noted in the blog about the story,  I changed the main character’s name, and really worked to increase the setting of the story and I think that’s what was missing from the 2nd draft–not enough setting to really ground the story.  In all, I’m glad I got to tell Mahalia’s story.  Please go read it if you have a chance–best of all, did I mention its FREE!


In case you missed it, Childe Roland was also published late last year.  It is still up and, like Skin Deep, it is also FREE!  Please head over to to give it a read as well if you have the time.


Lastly, I’m still writing and working on other projects.  As you’ve no doubt realized by the slowness of the blog, I’m really overwhelmed with coursework and classes, but I’m trying to get a handle on the massive amounts of reading and grading that I’m having to do.  I will post more about other projects that I’m working on in the coming months.  Like a business, I need to refresh my sold “stock” with new “stock” if I’m going to make my writing career work, so I have lots of new projects in the wings.  More on these soon.  Well, that’s all for this week, and I’ll try to have a new post up next week (I promise, I really will TRY!).  See you next post!


Author’s Note: Skin Deep 2.0 (Rewrite)


I finally finished Skin Deep’s rewrite this morning, so I wanted to take a moment and do an Author’s Note on this project, so here goes:


I finished the original draft of Skin Deep a while ago, but never submitted it because I thought that the character wasn’t as strong as she could have been (she had a generic name) and that the story’s setting was totally generic.

As I mentioned when I started the revision, I know of two people who are from Jamaica and they had told me about the island in conversation.  One thing that I took from what they said about the island is that there is almost a “small town” vibe to it in that most people on the island know what is happening in their neighbors’ lives.  While they may not know everything that’s going on, they would know more than a typical big city community might.  They know where the good parts of the island’s towns are and where the bad spots are and so forth.

I wanted to set the story here for this reason.  I moved it to 2086 to explain the advanced science in the story.  I changed the protagonist’s name and expanded the story so that it made more sense.  It grew from 3,500 words to 4,000 words and seems to be a stronger story.

I will start submitting it next week when I send it for submission to Rhonda Parrish’s Magical Menagerie series: Sirens.  I’m not sure that it has a chance as she’s looking for Fantasy stories and this is sci-fi, but it does seem to fit her guidelines, so I plan to try anyway.  I intend to spend the next week polishing it and making sure that it is as good as it can be before I submit it to Rhonda Parrish.  Wish me luck! 😄

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Project: Skin Deep 2.0 (Rewrite)


Just a quick post – the new school year essentially starts for me this week (with training, team building, and classroom set-up), so my 2015-2016 writing “season” has also officially commenced.

I am currently rewriting a story that I finished last year, but never submitted anywhere called Skin Deep.  It is a sci-fi story, but I wasn’t entirely pleased with it.  It didn’t quite match the vision in my head and I didn’t feel that it was good enough to start submitting without a rewrite.

In September, Rhonda Parrish plans to open up submissions for a new anthology (tentatively) called Sirens. I’m rewriting SD in hopes of submitting it to the anthology.

As I’m rewriting, I realize that I missed the element of setting.  The story operates in a bland, vanilla sci-fi setting.  I’m changing that to a specific time and place: Jamaica 2086.  I’ve known two people who are from Jamaica and they’ve told me quite a bit about the island.  I’m going to try to extrapolate what I know and add in technology that I think would be consistent for 2086 and see what happens.  The plot will stay the same (except where setting affects it) and the character has undergone minor alterations (her name has changed and at least 1 motivation she has for the story has changed as well).  I’ll write an Author’s Note on this story talking about it in more depth when I finish it.

Here’s hoping I have both a happy and healthy school year and a successful writing “season.”  Cheers!