Not Enough Time


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So this will be a (much) shorter than usual blog post, but readers may realize that I missed a blog post yesterday.  Simple answer: too much work for class.  I did all my readings, but I needed to post a response to the readings on the class discussion board.  That response (written at breakfast time) took up all my time and I had no time left for writing a blog entry.  Sorry about that.

Time just seems to get away much quicker than I realize on days that I have class.  I’ve tried alarms, notifications, even SIRI to help me be more productive, but sometimes the readings take longer than I anticipate or sometimes it takes longer to write the responses.

Perhaps if I dictate my blog entries as I’m preparing breakfast, then I won’t have to lose that “creation” time if I still have something else to work on in the morning (I try to only have the blog to work on in the morning, if possible) as I can only seem to complete one or two writing tasks while doing my morning routine.  Perhaps as I struggle through this summer course, I’ll find a process that works for me creatively and consistently.



Back in Class

digital rhetoric

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So this is a super-short blog entry today as today is the first day of my Summer class “Digital Rhetoric in Writing.”  There’s a lot of reading that has to be done before class today and while I’ve finished most of it, I still have some to go.

The class is exploration of what we do when we compose/investigate using the “screen.” The screen can be television or digital (computers), but we compose differently and we interact differently and most importantly we think differently when we’re using a digital platform rather than a print platform.

I will, hopefully, have caught up with the readings tomorrow, so expect a more traditional blog entry then, but know that if you are reading this, then you too are part of the digital rhetorics that we will be talking about in class today.

You (digitally) rock!