Driving on Sunday Evenings is worse than driving on Monday Mornings


Aggressive Driver Clipart.  Image Source: https://www.kisspng.com/png-aggressive-driving-clip-art-2121001/

Hard Driving

So this is going to be a shorter blog entry, but one that is surprising.  Do you know that the Sunday evening drive up to school is worse than driving up on Monday morning?  I don’t know why (unless it is people trying to get home to get ready for work).  All I know is that people are very aggressive on Sunday evenings when I would have thought that would be one of the most passive days.

Taking Your Life in Your Own Hands

Between aggressive drivers and the rain last night, it was a hard drive, but it was also a dangerous drive due to a person who would not follow the rules.  Speeding is bad, yes, but so too is going to slow and hindering the traffic flow.  There was a car that was afraid to pass a semi-trailer truck, but he was in the fast lane.  He created a situation in which all three lanes were packed with traffic going up the mountain in a torrential downpour.  I understand being cautious, but do so in the lane with slower traffic.  Hindering the traffic flow is not just irresponsible, but also dangerous.  When the middle lane finally passed him, I was closing in on the truck in front, I switched names and hydroplaned a bit.  Luckily, the car’s traction control kicked in, but I had a real death-grip on the wheel for a moment.  Again, all because the person would not follow the rules of the road.

Night Driving

I made it safely to school–the drive’s not really long, just challenging due to the aggressive nature of the drivers or the refusal of some drivers to follow the rules.  One other thing I don’t like about Sunday evening driving is that night generally falls as I’m driving and I lose the ability to see the scenery.  Still, so long as I make it safely and am able to get my work done, that’s all that really matters.

Have a good day.


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